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Portraits, Commercial, Events and Family

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Portraits, Commercial, Events and Family

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Button Booth

Automatic Photobooth System with Live-View. This is were guests see themselvess before a photo is taken. Instant Printing and Custom Templates for all events. Includes Digital Gallery of all photos.

Studio Booth

Photographer Mobile Studio with instant printing. Prodessional Mobile Lights for perfect portrait photos of your guests. Instant printing and options for a memory album. Includes Digital Photos for Guest Download.


Keyrings and Fridge Magnets are a great gift for guests, clients or staff at any time of the year.

Selfie Wizard

A great innovation where guests at your event or party can upload their own photos to a server at your event. The photos can then be posted to large screens or even downloaded.

Drone Photo

There is a growing interest in Drones and Drone Photogrpahy and Video.

Web Illustration

Now that you have your Website. Now you need both written and visual content.

360 Degree Photo

Accomodation owners, retail units and venues love to let their customers know what is on offer at their venue. 360 Degree Photography allows Clients and Customers to experience virtual tours and see the detail that make a specific venue unique.

Social Media

Social Media eats up content. Its a hungey machine that needs to be fed.


Social media campaigns can be planned on various scheduling tools. We can help you plan and schedule all your campaigns on popular social media platforms.