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Proinsias Mac an Tuile (Fran Tully)

Here are some examples of divergence strategies 
away from Weddings and Events and New Ideas

Social Media
Content Creation

In this case I am offering a service to create and reuse existing content for distribution on social media.   
In this case I downloaded existing historical Youtube Videos and worked with the client to develop a tight script.  

I have three software platforms to create this type of content. 

Commercial Application:

Small Business / Local Organisations looking to improve existing social media Banners,  Prinned Content, Specific Promotions.
Customer WebsiteCustomer  Facebook Page

Selfie Printer for Events,  Guests Print Photos from their Mobile Phone onto Customised Template 

This is a system where Guests Can Upload Photos from their Smartphones via an Network created within the Function Room with mediation.

Photos appear on a Slideshow on screen and a Photographic Print is printed instantly layered into a personalised design of customer.

There is also an option for non attendees to submit their photos via the internet so they can participate with the event.   

There is a bit of Networking involved in this process.  

Commercial Application:   
Events / Weddings / Functions  looking for greater interaction with guests.

360 Degree Photography and Virtual Tour Explainer

Here we have two videos:

1.   Promo video explaining the concept

2.   Actual Image that is drag-able.  You can also create links within the image to allow viewers to explore further within a premises.

This is useful for Accommodation Suppliers, retail premises,  food outlets.

Commercial Application:
Retail / Service Locations looking to inform customers / clients of what to expect on a visit.   
Virtual visits for intending purchasers,  eg,  house buyers,  churches,  schools.

Rapid Content with Drone Footage 

Here we are illustrating the use of Drone Footage to add a professional edge to the presentation.  

This content is promoting a New Local Bus Service in Co Mayo 

This content can be reformatted quickly for the various size requirement for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on.  I have three applications that enable me to complete these tasks.  

Commercial Application:

Rapid Dev of social media content for business.
Customer Website

These are a list of my Websites that I will use to promote my activities.

Some are in a redesign stage simply because of the training I have done over the last 10 months.


These are projects that I am developing for new Clients,  but I are waiting for an uplift in their business as they have been hit financially as well.


4.   These are the comments that I have written on the Facility Application Form
Main Comments as contained on my Application
My main work has been in the Wedding and Events Sector with Photobooths and Event Photography with instant Printing onsite.   
These have been restricted events since March 2020 and will be controlled events until at least April Next Year.
I am in receipt of the PUP payments and also developing new work streams and income.    
I am currently running a deficit of €3000 aproxx.   
As State supports are tapered off,  rescheduled work comes back online,  and I develop new streams,  I am anticipating to still have a deficit with a max of €6000 over the period.  
Please refer to attached Cash Flow analysis.
Commentary within the Wedding and Events Industry suggests it will be 2023 before there is normal trading and customer confidence. In the meantime,  
I am focussed on new income streams with the objective of reducing my exposure to Weddings and Events.�
Supplementary Comments.
During Lockdown I have completed the following Courses / Springboard and Other:
1. Dublin Business School: Level 8: Modular Skill Provision July Provision. “Data Analytics”.  (Completed)
2. CCT College Dublin: Level 7: Modular Skill Provision July Stimulus:  “Networking and Security”(Completed)
3. CCT College Dublin: Level 7: Modular Skill Provision July Stimulus:  “Cyber Security Fundamentals” (Completed)
4. SOLAS /  Programming using HTML and CSS (755): (Ongoing to August 8th)
5. SOLAS /  Introduction to Programming using Javascript: (Starting August 24th)
6. Online Web Agency Business Course. 3months, not accredited.
7.  Udemy,  Various Online Courses not accredited.  

New Work Streams Identified:  I have created a page to view samples
1.  360 Degree Photography with interactive tours web development
2.  Drone Photography and Video
3.  Social Media Content Creation using inputs from my previous experience. (Much of this can be outsourced in the future)�