Durrow Query

Screen Grabs of all photos taken
See Sequence number at top of each photo
Where you see a Flag,  that means a print.

Also the numbers are generated by the camera, see the first photo from camera, and first photo below.

This is last photo on camera and computer, so nothing was deleted during the night.  Numbers are the same.  

1) One was not paid for and signed but not given out.
2) One was signed,  but we felt it was not paid for,  let Breda ask the person,  they said it was paid for, so we let it go.  (Ideally we should have kept it back and wait for them to come to us)  
3) Two or Three people said the hotel owner was paying. 
One barman paid.
But we usually get a family photos for the owner but that was not done so we could say that cancels that out.

Not sure this guy Paid but we did ask, should have waited for him to come, but we sill would have had the same problem,
Sumup total was €1275. VAT at 13.5% = €151.65