Fran,ie Digital Media Services
DIgital Photography and Web site illlustration

WordPress and Alternatives

WordPress is our main development platform, But easier alternatives do exist

Google Sheets

Updating your website can be time consuming. You can use Gogle Sheets to speed up that process

Amazon S3 Image Delivery

We store all your photos on Amazon S3 Servers for faster delivery and loading onto customer’s devices

Web Design Services

We develop web-sites for small business and non-profits that are easy to maintain and update

  • We generally use WordPress to develop websites. 
  • There are other options available if cost is an issue. 
  • Illustrate your site with photography and video services. 
  • Google sheets to help you update your website dynamically without have to learn how to code or programme.

Illustration Services

With Photography, Video and other specialist techniques, enhance your Website and Social Media Channels

  • Professional Photography and VIdeo capture
  • Creative 3D Photography and Stop Motion Animation
  • Custom Social Media Video and Stills content designed for silent streaming and with audio
  • Packages available for content creation on Monthly or Quarterly schedules

Photography and Video

We can provide Professional Photography and Video and Editing

3D Photographey & Stop Motion

Enhance your Website with 3D Photography and Stop-Motion Animation and Photography

Social Media Graphics

Enhance your Website and Social Media Channels with custom graphics to support promotions and messaging

Short Animated Video Content

Short play video content with animations and music enhance your ability to catch the eye of new and exixting customers

Illustrated Graphics

Working with professional graphics editor tools can up your game in social media communication

Writing and Research

We can support your content marketing strategy with blog outlines and writing

Content Creation

Develop content for your Website and Social Media Channels can be a challange for a small business

  • We use and to create animated content for social media channels
  • Banners, GIFS, Short Form Video all enhance your clinets interaction with your online presence
  • Monthly and Quarterly plans available to product content for your online activity